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Dedication, passion and helpfulness are the characteristics which Prokimical & Co. Srl does not intend on renouncing, "we maintain our aspect linked to a marked craftsmanship and to a constant search for good quality, starting with products from certified suppliers, then through to the expertise of the technical staff and rigorous testing “to ensure absolute ecological compliance".

It is the exact experience in tanning which allows Prokimical & Co. Srl to avoid those requests that the biggest names in fashion make to tanneries, asking for responses that are always quicker and more customised.

Prokimical & Co. Srl is a modern, functional and streamlined company, which has been organized to meet the most diverse needs; the strong point is its accurate and timely service, able to deliver even small quantities.


Fashion Items

The strong craftsmanship, constant search for new products and the expertise of the technical staff, allow the offering of items that are perfect for the world of fashion design.


Products for the wet phase

Choose in the Wet-end section:
Bactericides and Anti-moulds, Auxiliaries for tanning and re-tanning, Degreasers, Wetting agents, Detergents, Delimers, Soakers, Fat Liquors, Resins and tannins for re-tanning, Defoamers, Colouring Agents.


Products for finishing

Choose in the Finishing section:
Auxiliaries, Caseins, Waxes, Emulsions, Fillers, Oils, Polyurethanes, Acrylic resins, Lacquers, Anilines, Pigments.